Residential Design

Let’s create your paradise now so that you can enjoy your investment as it grows.  Its easy and cost effective when you work with Dappled Earth.

Crook County Residence

The owners of this property wanted to maximize planting areas and provide an alfresco dining area in the landscape while downplaying the driveway and carport which are located uncomfortably close to the home.  The new winding path maximizes the planting area adjacent to the carport and provides a welcoming entry for guests and family.  The berm increases the planting area and reduces the amount of driveway seen from the porch and courtyard thereby reducing the driveway’s visual impact. The stone base courtyard provides ample space for the extended family to dine.

The side yard (not shown) is a very tight pathway to the east gardens.  A curvilinear path and grade changes were incorporated to increase planting areas where possible to reduce the “alley-like” feel of the path.   Planting took place in early spring 2008 with plants that require very little or no additional water.

Bend Residence

Located in an ‘over 55’ community, these homeowners wanted a beautiful area to entertain that was easy to maintain and offered privacy. A significant challenge existed on the site:  drainage from the homes to the north and west all drained to this property with no way to get out.  Dappled Earth offered 4 different design options for this property.  A ‘formal’ cottage design was selected which provides ample space for entertaining, offers privacy, and stops adjacent drainage from entering the property.  Additional plantings will be installed in spring 2008.


Our Dream Water Feature

My husband and I had always dreamed of having a nice water feature.  Last year, at our golf club’s charity event, we were the successful bidders of a landscape package from Dappled Earth.  We contacted Eileen Obermiller, the landscape architect, who met with us in early Spring and worked with us to redesign our current landscaping to include a beautiful water feature that makes us smile whenever we look out of our Family room window.

Eileen developed a landscape management booklet that summarized our landscape goals, listed recommended plants, irrigation recommendations and maintenance for us that became invaluable in working with contractors for bidding purposes.  Eileen also referred a landscape contractor that we chose who used this booklet as a resource throughout the entire work process.   This booklet will also be a reference guide for us to use in years to come.

We feel we now have the nicest water feature in our housing development and would definitely recommend Eileen Obermiller at Dappled Earth to design your dream landscape plan.

Bert & Chris, Bend, Oregon

Some of the benefits of a professionally deigned landscape:

  • Spending 5 % of the total value of your home on landscaping, and doing it wisely, can add 15 % or more to the value of your home.
  • Homes that have been professionally landscaped can bring 15 % to 20 % more at the time of resale than homes that lack landscaping.
  • Home buyers will pay up to 11.3 % above the asking price for homes with thoughtfully-designed landscaping.
  • Landscaping is one way to increase a home’s value.  The general rule of thumb is that you get back 100 % to 200 % of what you invest in landscaping when you sell your home.

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