Parks & Neighborhoods

This neighborhood park was designed to provide open lawn play areas, forested area, picnic opportunities, a play structure for small children, and a paved surface for new skaters and boarders to practice their skills.

Hollygrape Park

Located in south Bend, Oregon, Hollygrape park provides picnic areas, open spaces, a play structure with a wobbly bridge, trail connections to local schools,  and paved areas for small children to practice skating.  As a neighborhood park it is easily reached by children on foot and on bikes. Since the park was located in a forested area, the park looked as though it have been then for years when it was just finished.

Weigand Family Off-Leash Dog Park, Redmond, Oregon

The Weigand Family Dog Park is a leash-free dog park with separate areas for small and large dogs. Located in Redmond’s Dry Canyon just north of Antler Avenue the park offers an entry plaza with kiosk and drinking fountain, two dog watering stations, paths, benches, shade structures, and lawn areas.

Selected Park Design Projects

Central Canyon Master Plan Updates, Redmond, Oregon

Prineville “Y”, Prineville, Oregon

South Main Baseball Park, Prineville, Oregon


Keystone on the Deschutes

Prominently located on the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District, this property is under significant scrutiny by the Bend Planning Commission.  Dappled Earth provided the preliminary site plan and landscape perspective drawing that persuaded the planning commission of the merits of the project. Features of this site are public access to the river’s edge through a grove of river birches, softly down lighted for safety and effect; two additional ‘natural’ seating areas along the river’s edge; transition plantings between the river path and the private townhome properties; and planting selections to accent the dramatic architecture of the buildings and to preserve mountain views.

Other Neighborhood Projects

River Rim Street Tree Plan & Open Space Wildland Fire Consultation, Bend, Oregon

La Pine Community Forest Plan

This neighborhood plan includes single family homes with open space and bicycle trails through a forested site.  Wildland fires are a serious concern here, so a defensible space plan and guidelines were prepared.

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