Master Plan

This landscape master plan illustrates entrance pergolas, lawns, terraces, car park, swimming pool, garden walks, and more.  It is a hand drawing I worked on before we had computer drafting programs.
Landscape Master Plan of a Residential Estate on an Historic Dairy Farm

Your Landscape Master Plan

Your master plan illustrates the comprehensive plan for your property.  It organizes your home and supporting structures, circulation, activities,  plant areas, water features, and other site components into a beautiful and well functioning design.  This master plan takes into consideration your family’s lifestyle and provides room to grow.

It may include a narrative outlining your design goals and objectives as well as design guidelines. Concept photographs and sketches are included to communicate your design vision.  Property development may be show as phases for installation.  The master plan is the long term vision for your property that insures that as you develop your property, it will come together beautifully.

People often don’t think of the landscape until their home construction is completed.  Sadly, this is a mistake beset with missed opportunities.  It is best to develop a master plan for your homesite before your home is built.  This way you can look at the possible views from inside your home if you position it in different ways on your property.  You can consider better ways to layout the driveway and walks.  And, very importantly, you can avoid creating unintended, awkward outdoor spaces that are created by placing the home without outdoor considerations.  Even in a subdivision situation, you have options. Type in ‘Master Plan’ in the Search box on the left for additional information.


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