“Dappled Earth” in intended to evoke an image of the patterns we place on the earth. Consider a dappled shade pattern that moves across the ground through the day. Never static, the patterns move and change; darken and lighten. Now consider the patterns we place on the earth when we build homes, communities, and activities as simple as planting a tree. These patterns too are dynamic. They change and evolve with our values and our whims. As an educated and experienced landscape architect, I design nurturing landscape for our families, our communities, and our planet. Move with us beyond sustainability and into landscapes that nurture life.  Landscape design is more than planting shrubbery!
sunken patio 2 sides


When you have Eileen Obermiller design your environment, your life will be brilliant and beautiful. She will create a place that will surround you with nature’s best. Our work together on the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway Welcome Station is a testament to her outstanding talents and creative skills. I highly recommend Eileen and Dappled Earth to you. Robin Lee Gyorgyfalvy, FASLA