Land Planning

Land planning is essential to successful development.  Land planning starts with research of the property, followed by research of state land use laws and local codes affecting that property.  Next conceptual designs are undertaken to see just how the property can be developed.  How many apartments can we place on the  property while providing open spaces, parking, and storm water drainage?  Once the concept plan makes sense, a preliminary designs are developed and evaluated for feasibility. Upon your approval of the preliminary design, a land use planning application is developed and submitted to the city for review. This application includes a design narrative and supporting graphics. Supporting graphics may include plans, elevations, perspectives, and/or charts. The supporting graphics can be very persuasive in gaining public support and city approval of your project.

Land planning typically involves a neighborhood, subdivision, or apartments.   Below are 2 examples of apartment communities with parks and open spaces.  Another example of a land planning project that I have worked on is the  La Pine Neighborhood Forest Plan, a forest community management plan designed to create a fire-defensible neighborhood.

This apartment design included a neighborhood park with a play structure for small children. A small courtyard is provided fore each apartment.

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