Hourly Consultation

Your landscape problems solved & questions  answered!

Most of us have lots of questions regarding our landscapes.  What tree should I plant that will give me deep shade and a fragrant place to relax?  Why is my lawn a soggy mess after rains? What can I do to make this side of my home more beautiful with my 2 very curious dogs? Sometimes we need a plan; sometimes we just need a nudge in the right direction.  This is when a landscape consultation walk through your property is useful.

You will receive custom and in depth discussions of what is possible and what not to do on your property during your consultation with Dappled Earth.  We will discuss in detail how to achieve that look you desire.   I can recommend plants that will work for you; draw quick sketches to illustrate how a patio might fit; and make suggestions that will pull your landscape together.  You will learn valuable design tips and methods to manage your landscapes. These consultations will help you avoid costly and dangerous mistakes. 

Before we get together, I will have researched your property’s records so that we have important information such as the septic system location and any easements that will affect the landscape plan. Items such as these may limit what we can do so it is best to find these out early.  If you fill out my questionnaire and get it to me before we get together, I will arrive with useful background information that will make your consultation more successful.  Additionally, sharing any photographs of landscapes you like will significantly help me understand your preferences.  From here, you can move forward executing the new ideas, or we can discuss developing a concept plan.  Call Eileen at 541.350.7436 to schedule your consultation.


Before our consultation I had some thoughts of what I wanted for my yard but I didn’t have the vision and knowledge to implement it in a way that is appealing. I wasn’t sure how helpful having a consultation would be. But I was very pleased with the ideas and expertise that you provided. In eliciting the concepts that I was trying to convey, you were very perceptive and quick to grasp my ideas and needs. I appreciate the helpful suggestions as to particular plants, trees and shrubs, that will fill the requirements of my site, along with the look and feel I want to live with.

Altogether the experience was more helpful than I could have imagined, and that was a great part of what you provided: imagination and vision that I can now take hold of and implement.  Jason, Homeowner Bend Oregon 

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