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Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors Combine Skills for Successful Landscapes

Landscape architects and landscape contractors have different skills, training, and licensing.

These different skills allow landscape architects and landscape contractors to work together to create beautiful, thriving landscapes.  Basically, the landscape architect designs the landscape drawing it on a plan and the landscape contractor installs that plan. Landscape Architects are highly trained in designing with the land  and environmental functions.  Landscape contractors are trained in installation of patios, decks, plants, walls, and water features. Each profession has separate and specific legal educational and testing requirements.

 A Landscape Architect is licensed to offer residential, commercial, and public  design services.  

These services may include: planting plans, grading plans, site planning, environmental restoration, park design, design of private estates, parking lot layout, street planting and plaza designs, and more.  A Landscape Architect will be skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable of a variety of government and private regulations including state, county, city, and Homeowner Associations requirements.  A landscape architect will design a custom plan to meet your requirements and the regulating agency requirements.  Landscape architects offer services from an initial consultation through the construction phase, and sometimes assist in finding a competent maintenance service.

Landscape contractors are licensed to install landscape elements including plants, landscape related structures, walkways, patios, pergolas, irrigation systems, and similar items.   A landscape contractor will have experience and knowledge of a variety of building codes regulating landscape and related electric and plumbing requirements. They typically subcontract licensed electricians and plumbers as needed to install a project

A Landscape Architect license is required to design and manage any public projects in the state of Oregon.  These projects include parks, all government properties, schools, highway right-of-way landscaping and more. A Landscape Contractor license is required to install  any public projects in the state of Oregon.

Always hire a licensed professional for a quality project and to protect your property.