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Well designed landscapes can significantly enhance our health and the health of our environment, increase property values, and attract clients! Consider the following study results from realtors, arborists, appraisers, and recreational economists:

Real Estate

Spending 5 % of the total value of your home on landscaping, and doing it wisely, can add 15 % or more to the value of your home.

Homes that have been professionally landscaped can bring 15 % to 20 % more at the time of resale than homes that lack landscaping.

Home buyers will pay up to 11.3 % above the asking price for homes with thoughtfully-designed landscaping.

Landscaping is one way to increase a home’s value. The general rule of thumb is that you get back 100 % to 200 % of what you invest in landscaping when you sell your home.

Parks, Trails, & Recreation
Users of recreational venues have better health status, less health care utilization, and fewer health care expenses than those that do not.

Parks provide unique environmental and ecological benefits to the ecosystem and humanity that cannot be achieved via regulatory and technological methods.

Appraised values of homes adjacent to parks/open spaces can be 8% to 20% higher than comparable distant homes.

Recreational trails breed new “clean” business such as cafes, bike shops, bed & breakfast, etc.

More customers are drawn into and will return to business with well maintained landscapes.

Landscaping improves worker productivity and can lower perceived job stress.

Landscaping can help reduce soil erosion, dust, noise, glare, air & water pollution, and cooling needs.

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Landscape Investments Grow While Other Investments Wear Out!

With a custom design  your landscape investment will grow with the plants.

An initial investment in your landscape will actually grow over time as the plants mature. Your home’s roof will need to replaced, but your trees and shrubs will mature into beautiful specimens that complement your home and lifestyle.   And, of course, a well designed landscape adds immediate value to your property.

With a custom design, plants are selected to grow in a specific location and serve a specific purpose.   You can enjoy your custom landscape every day in a way you cannot enjoy a Certificate of Deposit or money market account.

Call us to design a custom landscape that you can enjoy every day while your investment grows.