Why Dappled Earth’s Landscape Architect?

Landscape Architects create designs to nurture our lives.

“Dappled Earth”  is intended to evoke an image of the patterns we place on the earth.  Consider a dappled shade pattern that moves across the ground through the day.   Never static. The pattern moves and changes; darkens and lightens.  Now consider the patterns we place on the earth when we build homes, communities, and make alterations as simple as planting trees. These patterns too are not stagnant.  They change and evolve with our values and our whims.  As a educated and experienced landscape architects we design nurturing landscape for our families, our communities, and our planet.  Move with us beyond sustainability and into landscapes that nurture life.

water fall pond

What does an Landscape Architect do?  And why should I hire one?

Landscape architects undergo very specific training.  They are required to pass a 5 year accredited college program, followed by 2 years of mentoring with a  licensed landscape architect,  before they can qualify to take a  in depth 3 day test.  Once an individual passes the 3 day test, they register as a licensed landscape architect and then continue to meet annual educational requirements.

Eileen has been a licensed landscape architect since 1997, working in central Oregon since 1993. She has designed memory gardens, parks, streetscapes,  residential & commercial properties, garden structures such as arbor and pergolas, water features and more.  She specializes in properties east of the Cascade Mountains. Browse through this site for photographs, plans, and addition information regarding how a licensed landscape architect can make your project right the first time.

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